From a Pro Fitness Trainer to a Fitness Challenge Platform


We got a chance to work with a pro fitness trainer who has developed an online HIIT program for both, women and men.  Due to certain circumstances, we are unable to disclose the name of this business; however, can talk about what we have developed. 

The problem was to figure out a smart way to stand out in a pool of online fitness programs and become something unique for the customer.  We were involved in the entire process from content development to sales funnel. Our idea was first to identify the ideal client who will be able to benefit from this particular program. Instead of the usual "this is for everyone," we have gone ahead to identify the small pool of people - stay-at-home new mothers who want to get back in shape and don't want to research Pinterest account for good recipes and workouts endlessly. This program offers all and more. We identified that the most common thing that prevents people from sticking to exercising is COMMITMENT. Some need to be told what to do a follow and make sure they stick to the program for their good.  Here we said well let's make them commit for at least 30 days and make it interesting. 

Here is what we offered to the public: 

30-day online fitness challenge took place on Facebook Messenger. For 30 days women will get messages with recipes of what to make for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, a video link to a workout, and a constant flow of encouragement. In return participants had to prove that they are making those meals and completing all exercises  -  they would have to post pictures/videos on that chat. We have also developed separate challenges to score double at the end of the month. Those not posting pictures and not participating were eliminated from the challenge.  The winner had to be identified at the end of the month (the one who commented more, posted meals, completed all workouts and additional challenges) and would receive an original HIIT program for free. The rest would get a discount. 

How we made people apply: 

We have identified many very active Facebook Mom Groups. Created a simple landing page to sign up for the challenge and then collect people's email addresses to start sending them all of the details about the upcoming challenge. 

We have created posts in mom groups, IG and FB accounts and boosted them to drive more traffic to the landing page. For the first challenge, we have attracted 200 people, and only 100 finished it. For the coming month, we had 500 applicants, and over 350 completed it. 

Throughout the entire online challenge, participants received emails (developed in MailChimp) upselling them on either a meal plan or the program, as well as to collect feedback about the challenge. 

We had to say it was an absolute hit and originally cost us $100 to attract 200 people. 


  • Over 2000 email addresses collected
  • Created a supportive community of raving fans (over 6000 people)
  • Created a brand new way to sell the online fitness program 
  • Sale increased by 200%



 We were asked to create a website to demonstrate the beauty of every piece from a very talened clothes designer as well as to put together a marketing plan to help this store with brand awareness, lead generation, and sales. We have suggested to start growing brand awarenes through multiple promo campaigns with micro and macro bloggers, influencer marketing.  

We were able to grow their Facebook Page from 0 to 5,548 in less then a month through Facebook Ads. We have created brad awareness campaigns that resulted in over 11,280 engagements on their Instagram account alone. 

The website that was created for this brand have be seen here



Most Delicious super premium Sipping RUM you will ever try

New a exciting upcoming brand of sipping rum is coming on the horizon and we were honored to work together with creators on building brand awareness  through Facebook Advertising campaigns. 

The main focus was to drive traffic to the festivals and make people come to the booth to taste this delicous rum, take pictures and Instagram their experience with Ron Izalco

We have created over 6 campaigns and reached over 50,000 people. People who attended the events  we absolutely extatic  about the taste. 


We did a lot of great things and hope to do even more

Beauty by Sofia Bee


We were honered to help this rising star develop her content strategy and figure out a way to turn her passion into business



We were lucky to consult this young Bay Area leather bag brand on how to generate more sales for their business through influenser marketing and content



The most delicious crepe truck in the Bay Area contacted us to help them identify their content strategy and ways to drive more catering orders



We helped this stunning store to find a way to multiply their sales through smart Google Ads and remarketing



We were able to grow their sales from $500 to $7,000/ month in only 6 months using content marketing, Google Shopping Ads and email marketing

Headlight Restore


This brand came to us because their wanted to reduce the cost of one conversion. We succeeded in doing so and lowered it from $17.98/conversion to $2.50 using Facebook Ads, retargeting and a lot of A/B testing