WE have a great set of skills


Strategy and Lead Generation

We help define and document brand strategies with a purpose, to help brands engage their customers and employees so they can build awareness, create conversation and drive brand consideration.

With over 10 years of experience, we have found a system to generate and identify the leads that convert. We are very data-driven and analyze every step of the way towards your business success.

Market Research | Brand Strategy | Campaign Strategy | Concepting & Ideation 


We connect creative vision to brand objectives and execute compelling creative that connects with audiences in impactful, memorable ways.

Campaign Strategy | Concepting & Ideation | Copywriting | Social Media

Paid Advertising

We pride ourselves in understanding the depth of various media channels and making decisions based on collected data. Our approach "test first, execute second" found to work very well and bring amazing results.  We deeply care about your success and make sure that all of the marketing efforts are as impactful as possible

Facebook Ads | Instagram Ads | Google AdWords | Google Merchant

COntent Development

They say content is King and our ultimate goal is to create content that works and sells. Nowadays, one has to go out of his/her way to create content that is engaging, well researched, and planned. We carefully identify trends and work together with our customers to meet business objectives, as well as to work within a budget. 

We work with amazing photographers, video production specialists, and copywriters who will be able to help you create content that work.

Photography | Product Photography | Social/Digital Video | Brand Video


Technology drived the world and we have recently partnered up with amazing web andapp developers to bring to life everything you have in mind.

Website Development | Ecommerce | SEO | App Development

Who we are

Katia Mason


She is that annoying I know it all about marketing, fun, and creative Russian behind Mason Media Lab. She created this lab to help start-ups, small businesses, and new enterpreneurs figure out a creative way to grow their business

Alexandra Folster


But she goes by Ali. My lifestyle is happily lived behind the camera capturing your life through portrait photography. I don’t want to just capture the moment. 

I venture to relish, create, motivate, and broaden the moment. 

Irina POPA


Music driven photographer who creates stunning photography by capturing the most magical moments. 



That power girl behind the camera to create the video content that will go viral!



 Skilled team of IT developers who are ready to create magic for you and your business, website to apps to bots.. really anything you need!